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Former Deputy DA Now on your side!!

Cameron Bowman is a trusted advisor and fierce trial attorney with over 30 years on the front lines of legal warfare

Cameron Bowman Lifetime Career In Law

My name is Cameron Bowman, and I have spent the last thirty years working in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.

From approximately 1989 through 2006, I was a prosecutor with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office. During those 17 years, I tried some of the most challenging and severe cases in the criminal justice system. I was the lead prosecutor in nearly a hundred trials during that period.

During my career as a prosecutor, I tried several gang cases, homicide trials, and domestic violence matters. I was the first person in Santa Clara County to try a “Three Strikes” case.

In 1998, I was given the “Trial Attorney of the Year” award by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. I was given that award after a year-long trial I conducted. The trial involved prison gang members ordering a “hit” from Pelican Bay State Prison and then killing a fellow gang member. All the defendants in that case, were convicted.

Something I was particularly passionate about was the years I spent with the District Attorney’s “Family Violence” Unit. I tried numerous domestic violence cases and advocated for hundreds of victims. I received special training in these cases from State Wide Experts.

In 2006 I left the District Attorney’s office to pursue my dream of opening my own criminal defense practice. I worked with the Independent Defender’s office for several years to gain valuable defense-related experience. I then worked as a Founding Partner at one of the biggest criminal defense firms in Northern California.

Because of this unique background, I am one of the few attorneys who has experience in every aspect of the criminal justice system. I have advocated for victims, prosecuted cases for the District Attorney's office and tried and defended the most serious criminal charges a defendant can face. Now I can put these years of experience and expertise on YOUR side!

Specializing in the following practice areas:

and all other family violence related crimes

and all other violent or weapons-related crimes

and all other accusations of sexual misconduct

Expungements and all other post conviction motions

In the news

In 2018 I handled false allegations of Attempted Murder made against my client Andrew Johnson. At trial, our defense was so successful that the jury found him “Not Guilty” in less than 2 hours.

Mr. Johnson is currently suing the San Jose Police Department and the District Attorney’s office for the unjust way in which he was prosecuted.


A Black Army vet spent 16 months in solitary. Then a jury heard the evidence against him.

Andrew Johnson refused to plead guilty to attempted murder charges, insisting he’d been defending himself during a confrontation in California.


  • Duke University School of Law - 2018
  • UCSF Hastings School of Law - 2016


  • Juris Doctor - Santa Clara University - May 1989


  • “Trial Attorney of the Year” - Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office - June 1998
  • National Trial Lawyers Association - “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” - 2022

Court Admissions

  • Admitted to Practice in California - Supreme Court of California - December 1989 
  • Admitted to Practice Federal Law - Northern California District - December 1989


  • California Public Defender’s Association
  • LEAP - Law Enforcement

My to you:

I will only take a case where I know I can help

I will always be the most prepared lawyer in the courtroom

I start every case with the presumption that you are NOT guilty

You will always be able to reach me when you have a question about your case

I will never run from a fight

Throughout my career, I have tried over 100 cases to verdict, so I am confident that I am as skilled a trial attorney as you can find. Period.

However, I am just as proud of my skills as a negotiator. My reputation as a skilled trial lawyer and my connections in the criminal justice system allows me to get great results for my clients. My entire goal is to get my clients past the nightmare they may now find themselves in and will enable them to move on with their life.